Sickness afoot in this good Christian home

"This good Christian home" is an inside joke between my sisters that I like to include myself in.

This post is coming a few days after coming out of a somewhat intensive wisdom teeth removal. (More on that later.) My head is still fuzzy from painkillers, so I'll just share what I posted on Facebook when the world around me still made sense.

His ailment couldn't have come at a better or worse time. (And I'll write more on him since he's the one who's really been suffering!)

From my observations, it seems to me that each family unit needs 3 basic facets to thrive: a job to fund temporal needs, a house for shelter paired with an organized home-management system, and a love-based nurturing environment.

Lately, those things have been out of whack on my end. Too much work and too little of everything else.

Knowing that Taylor would be home resting, Arrow and I took advantage of the downtime to go out on one of her favorite dates: The Bank.

I enjoy this date as well, because it means I can do some finance business done, and she gets to pick her sucker of choice. :)

After we pulled away from the bank, Arrow piped up from the back seat.

Arrow: Where we go now, Mama?

Chaun: Well, I didn't have any more plans after this. Translation: Home.

Arrow: Oh, now we go to da store? To pick up da grocees?

It took me by surprise that she remembered our dates from months ago when us two would pick up grocery money from the bank and then head over to the store. I almost responded that I had too many things I needed to do that afternoon... but I came up blank. Was there really anything I absolutely had to do right then? Technically, I'm sure there were a billion things that needed my attention, but nothing was prominent. So we resurrected the date and headed over to a nearby Walmart to browse and drink our smoothies (Our usual date "treat" from the produce aisle.)

We arrived home from our little date, and once I checked in on Taylor, I scooped up my fat chunk of baby into my arms to give him some attention. Little Dude was pretty enthralled with that, and made his excitement known by barreling his kicking feet into my stomach. 

These were such simple moments that were a part of my day, but they really stood out to me because of different they were.

Lately I'd been so absorbed by numbers, marketing strategies, and that other good stuff I love that I forgot how to just "be" with my own kids and family.

Taylor continued needing help to do many of the daily functions, and I continued to put little things aside (blogging, Facebook, side freelance jobs) aside to keep the home afloat. For the first time in weeks, I made real dinners, caught up on laundry, read stories to the kids, etc. Taylor and I supposedly split the chores, but I realized how much of my share he had actually been taking on. My stress decreased by levels and I felt much happier.

It felt good to reconnect and feel like our house was actually a home again :)

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