A few days after Taylor was on the mend from his neck sprain, I went in for an urgent wisdom tooth removal.

Look at this beast (bottom corner).

Not be obscene but it hurt pretty freaking bad. Kidding. I don't swear. UNLESS I'm sleeping and then I always feel terrible awful about it.

That little sucker of a tooth is also what's gonna put me in braces in the next couple years. Sheesh.

As soon as the dentist handed me the X-Ray, I pointedly did not ask if I had permission to use it for personal purposes. This was one of those opportunities that would never, ever come back into my life.

Cue the unsuspecting husband.

Cue the unamused husband.

I'm still laughing.

Anyway, we did take a video, and yes it was hilarious. I will have to share it after I do some editing. 13 minutes of rambling about elephants and loving my body is much better told in 4 minutes. Ya feel?

But, I do have a good story for you. 

The first night after the surgery I was WIDE awake and I felt GOOD.

Like, I woke up and thought "I haven't felt this good in at least two decades. Maybe three!" I resolved right then that I would stop sleeping for the rest of my life.

After happily sitting in darkness for a bit, I suddenly remembered that Arrow hadn't had a party with her friends, like, ever. I had promised her one months ago, and then forgot. Remorse replaced any positive feelings I had felt, and I got to work on planning her an amazing party.

A few hours later, I texted all the moms of her little friends to come over that Saturday (two days away, mind you), and went back to sleep for another 24 hours later.

Friday morning arrived. 

I realized I suddenly had a billion toddlers coming over the next morning. 

Oh my goodness.

Chaun: Taylor! Why didn't you stop me?!

Taylor: Uhm. Yes. I'm not really sure. You seemed like you knew what you were doing?

To be fair, the instructions I had given Taylor were pretty detailed and did align to what I had planned. I can plan an amazing summer party under anesthesia.

Saturday morning came, and Arrow had herself a little party with a little friend (most of her friends couldn't make the short notice... or the moms could tell I wasn't all there in the head. :) )

And that's how I proved to be a better mom when on drugs.

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