June & July 2017 Footprints

I must be getting behind here a little bit.

These posts are to fill in the "little moments" that weren't big enough for blog posts. Pretty much they're for my family who swings by to read these.

It makes me smile when my family gets fussy at the sight of my camera. I smile because the next thing I know, my phone is buzzing with photo requests for one thing or another. 

I'm just saying. You people need me. ;)

Anyway, here are the little moments of June and July. They're really not in order.

We'll start with the prettiest photo I've ever posted of myself on the internet.

You're welcome.

I used Arrow as a model to try out a new lens.

 Which was fun and all, but she really preferred playing with her new blocks.

I take some of Archer's monthly photos with the whole cliche blanky & number. I know. So tacky. Kill me now. (They're actually pretty cute.) Arrow wanted to join in.

Another note on this picture - Archer wasn't exactly 8 months old here. He was more like 8 months old and 25 days. #StillCounts

I hosted my neighborhood's book club in July with one of my favorite books (The Cenote). Instead of waiting inside like a normal, socially stable person would, I sat out on the grass, ready to welcome the first guests. I was SO excited to get going on the discussion.

Archer sat with me and made me appear as a normal mother pleasantly playing with her child.

He's perhaps a reason why people keep coming to my house.

We don't often see Taylor's family, so it was great to spend some of a morning with his grandparents. I'm not sure where Arrow was for this picture, but if I'm to guess, she's likely behind the couch.

And then it was off to CANADA!

One of the first fun things we did was get some straight up poutine with our favorite friends.

It was fatteningly delicious.

Canada was work as well. This is from one of my storyboards when prepping for a video shoot.

Taylor, Ryan (his Canadian friend) and Arrow all really liked this drink.

OH look. More poutine. In duck fat.

So guud.

The Canadian mailboxes killed me in their maple leaves.

Taylor was just so excited to pose next to one of those mailboxes.

He has the best smile.

I went through some old things of mine and found this letter.

This was my dream school years ago to attend. (Southern Utah University) I was all set to go, but then felt that it'd be appropriate to pray about. I did so, and very strongly felt that I was needed to go to some loser school that I'd also been accepted in. (University of Utah) In that prayer I asked Heavenly Father "Are you sure?"

Yep, He was :)

With grumbling and reluctant obedience, I attended the U of U, met some of my best friends, joined a dance crew, discovered my career, and met a handsome piano player that I married a couple years later.

This is why we don't doubt God's plan, folks.

There were some other oldies in the piles. Like this planner of mine trying to juggle work and school full time.

I took new year resolutions pretty seriously. This was taped in the back of my planner.
Except the exercise. Obviously.

Archer used to punch his cheeks as a newborn. He caught me by surprise the other day when he pulled these moves again.

Pizza party with our favorite Auntie Cami. (Arrow wore a matching outfit)

Father's Day 2017. I thought his gift was hilarious.

 Book title: Strangling Your Husband Is Not an Option

I was sick for a weekend and unable to eat at the table. Taylor improvised by bringing the dinner table to me.

 My grandpa had a birthday.

This was the only photo I could sneak on my birthday of my grandma who would scold me something fierce if she knew I had this.

Many hours of Taylor's card game was played.

We received an ice cream maker as a wedding gift years ago, but it took us forever to get brave and try it out. I thought it would take years of hard work before we eeked out a spoonful of the dessert. Turns out it only takes 15 minutes. Now it's a regular.

My family visited me at work. I was so proud to show off my little miracles of life to my coworkers but everyone save a few were GONE.

It's fine though. We're past it now.

Archer has a favorite place under the piano bench, particularly when his dad is busy on it. But only after he destroyed the bottom shelf of the bookcase first.

And that's pretty much a wrap!

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