Morning Meetings

This is something I want to share with the whole wide world and all you 17 disappointed blog readers of mine because this is something that's captured the essence of what we hoped to accomplish in Canada.

Upon crossing the border into Canada, and thus, crossing the borders into a different dimension of America, an idea suddenly struck me.

It's actually not even my idea at all, but the idea to implement as part of our Canadian REBOOT camp, came to mind as intentional living.

Since Day 1, we've been hosting Morning Meetings each day. (As inspired by this woman who left her Boston city life to homeschool on a California farm.)

I attribute Morning Meetings to the success of our best days here.

Everyone must be dressed by the time the meeting starts. (Archer is a rule breaker.) Dressed, teeth brushed, etc. Does that make me sound militant? Probs. We are lazies in this family, and this is whipping us into shape. This makes the day prep go by SO much faster. It's been at least 3 decades since the last time we got out the door on time, and we're not even 30 years old.

We do our family scripture study first, usually a bible story retold by kids from Mormon Channel (Arrow particularly likes the Good Samaritan). Scripture study is followed by the day's plans. Arrow jumps on the couches and the baby babbles. Everyone is very excited. The meeting finishes up with family prayer and we're out the door.

It's magic.

I think it was this past Saturday when we were all having a crabby day. (A teething baby who cries for his bottle 2 or 3 times a night will do that to you.) Since it was the weekend, we didn't have any real plans, including morning meeting. I hid in the bedroom, while Taylor took the kids out for a walk. When he came back, he announced we were going to have Morning Meeting. We watched a video, had a short spiritual discussion, and announced the day's plan of cleaning our rental and going to the park. Just having that form of organization gave us the motivation to get moving and drop the attitudes.

Yup. Definitely magic.

I can't wait to bring this part of our Canada trip home with us.

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