moving prep and the in betweens

This is a pause between Canada posts to capture the craziness it's been around here packing up a home in two weeks to move cross country.

We're tucked into our new apartment on the East Coast, and there's plenty to share about that, namely country bugs that have NO personal boundaries.

Some quick observations about this new place:

- For the "quiet country", it is LOUD. Arrow looked up at me with wide eyes once and said, "Mama, the bugs are screaming." Yes baby, they are. 
- There are a lot of fast food places around here and not so many Trader Joe's. 
- The rainstorms are unpredictable and that makes me very happy. That is, after all, a piece of home from Utah. 
- We sold nearly everything of ours in Utah, and still we have so much stuff in boxes. But more on that in this post.

I never blogged about our pending change because it took place only over a matter of a few weeks. The short story is that I applied to a school in Virginia, mostly for kicks because I didn't think I'd qualify for scholarships.

 To my complete surprise, I earned full-ride financing to the school

Now we are here while I work on my bachelor's degree and finally pursue dreams of filmmaking.

Before we came home from peaceful Canada, I asked Taylor to give me a priesthood blessing. In that blessing, I got some guidance to what was going to definitely be a crazy next few weeks. I was instructed that even in the busy-ness of it all, that we should keep up with good habits. We took that meant our nightly walks and family dinners that were established when staying in Canada.

That bit of heavenly inspired advice has been a huge game changer. We start each morning with a Morning Meeting and then work all day until dinner time. Actually sitting down and looking into each other's eyes has made this house-emptying so much less stressful for the kids and for us. 

And summer nights are too pleasant to pass on.

It turns out it was wholly unrealistic to move by ourselves. We had friends and family stop over one Saturday and go to town cleaning, packing, making a drive to the landfill, etc for us. WOW we are so grateful for their help. I can't even handle it.

Taylor and I debated back and forth for a few days (with the stress of a century) whether or not we should sell our car and buy a new one. We've never done one on our own before, and that felt intimidating. 

Taylor happened to find a car online and slipped out from his family's help packing our home to test ride an SUV. The happened to come from a man who lived up the road from us. After one long safety & emissions test, we signed ourselves a new car (and in the process found out the man's in-laws were in my childhood ward and neighborhood growing up. Small world.)

A moving van across the country was so expensive and didn't feel worth the cost of hauling all our stuff over when we could sell and re-buy it again later.

Still, I was somewhat disappointed in selling off the new furniture I had been saving for and finally bought this year. Sort of ridiculous, I know. Stuff is stuff. But some particular stuff makes me happy when I buy it and sad when I let it go.  No matter though. I'll just save and buy it again later. :)

It was tricky managing schedules and stress to make sure we saw enough of everyone's family. We did pretty well, although I wish there had been more time and freedom in that two weeks of packing and cleaning to see more favorites.

We had our annual family testimony meeting with Taylor's family. Apparently Taylor isn't fun to play with.

More info on that HERE.

My sister Kaye brought over dinner once or twice. We are going to miss her (and her cooking ;)

My side of the family held a going away party for us cousins who were leaving to far away places. One of my cousins left for bootcamp to join the Marines. It was also a celebration for my grandparent's 47th wedding anniversary.

My dad is a scary man. Even in Ninja.

My side of the family met for dinner and ice cream in their gorgeous backyard. 

Moving sucks but I'm glad he's here with me.

Taylor took me out a nice surprise date. He dropped the kids off at my parents' and picked me up during my lunch break at work.

Arrow had a tractor birthday party. She LOVES tractors.

I think I'll do a quick post later on her party because it was SO easy and lowkey. I'm sort of over throwing my hands in the air and insane Pinterest themed events.

Arrow spent most of her time helping us clean and pack.

I kid.

Kylee came over while we sorted through our music paraphanilia. (Kylee: I left you a surprise in one of those cases.)

These two are my adoptive parents. I've bullied and teased their children since the first grade, and for whatever reason, they still love me and take my family out to ice cream. (It sort of looks like they're sending off their child to school in the photo here, and I guess that's not too far from it!)

Cami, true to form, showed up unexpectedly and announced we were going to clean our house and then go get food.

We cajoled her into visiting a farm (that would end up being the location for Arrow's birthday party the next day.)

 Some really good friends of ours came over to host a yard sale with us.

We hardly sold a thing (Surprise! Yard sales don't make much money!) but man we were grateful for their help.

 The next morning after her party we finished loading up this beast.

And headed straight out on a five day roadtrip moving the rest of our possessions across the country.

THANK YOU to our friends and family who helped us get out of our home and into this one. YOU GUYS are the real MVP.

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