This is Hard Work

Hello readers.

I'm not in Utah anymore!

Here's what happened: we moved to Virginia. For school. Much more on that later. But now is the time for finger vomiting some thoughts that ailed me along to class this morning.

I'm at school on a full ride scholarship that requires a near perfect GPA to retain. I'm taking film and business classes, with a side dish of tennis, because some school require PE credits to graduate with a business degree. I don't agree with that system, and yet here we are. (Tennis is fun, by the way.)

School is hard work.

Tomorrow morning I will need to plan next week's homeschool preschool lesson. Arrow is regrettably of the age. Already she recites her letters and some numbers on the fly. I have no idea where she learned them. But tomorrow I will plan our first official day of preschool. We are learning about Utah. (Feel free to send me your favorite Utah quirks and/or Utah recipes.)

Planning and executing lessons is hard work.

This weekend I will write up content calendars for clients and organize shopping lists and try to remember to breathe and connect with Taylor, who is my number one, always.

This is all hard work.

It is easy to fall apart when the seams are threatening to burst.

So I will rely on the Master Tailor, who can provide the stronger thread that will relieve the pressure.

When I try, and "try" being the key word, to embolden His qualities in me

I am more whole

I am more grounded

I am more capable of achieving the impossible

Because with Him, all things are possible.

luv 'n' stuff

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  1. Amen. Blessed be the Master Tailor who loves us enough to make it hard. Otherwise, we would be soft like ice cream in dah Sun. And from the sounds of it, you are stronger because of the hard.


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