Experimenting with eight new Christmas tradition ideas

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You guys? You guys.

I don't know what to do about Santa Claus. 

It's not that I'm necessarily against sacrificing my hard earned Christmas planning credit to a mythical being to keep up with social traditions.

It's just that my kids watch me buy the presents anyway.

The first year Arrow ever met Santa she cried and screamed her way out of it. Actually, I think I may have a picture of that. 

Ah. Yep. Here we go.

I can't figure out what's the best part: Arrow wailing for help or Santa's eyes begging for an adult, any adult, for help.


There are some cute little things on the www's lately about making Santa the "representation" of the Christmas spirit. Maybe we'll go that route. IDK. You're welcome to send me ideas about this. In fact, please do. 

I just came back from a neighborhood get-together discussing new Christmas traditions.  It's been on my mind lately what options there are now that we're so far from family. On one hand it's nice to have the ENTIRE holiday to ourselves. On the other hand, it sucks that we have the ENTIRE holiday to ourselves. Maybe some of these traditions will help fill in the lonely gaps.

This is a list of ideas that we may try out this season.

1. Snatch the snowman. Neighborhood game of stealing a Christmas decoration. By the 24th of December, two prizes are awarded. One goes to the home hosting the decoration, and the other to the family who "stole" it most often.

2. 12 Days of [SOMETHING AWESOME] For Your Spouse. I've heard a ton of good ideas on this, like 12 days of random magazines, massages, makeouts (maybe all three?), songs, or cookies. 

3. Little Lamb Christmas story book and service activities.

The story behind Little Lamb is a grandma who wanted to weave Christ more into the busy Christmas traditions. The storybook is Little Lamb's experience when baby Jesus was born. 

The Little Lamb toy can be a twist of Elf on the Shelf. Naturally, I can't get my Santa crap together, so we'll instead use the lamb toy as a cuddle buddy to snuggle while we read her book. The book has a list of suggested service oriented activities at the end as well. I'm particularly looking forward to this part. (Click this link for more info.)

4. Hand out healthy Christmas treats like Taylor's homemade bread or dried fruit as opposed to delicious chocolates. Wouldn't you love to be my neighbor? (Did that tease come through? I'll leave it. :) )

6. Candlelit Christmas caroling. My neighbor telling me about this said the only way to bribe her kids out singing was that they got to hold their own candle.

7. Red & Green Dinner. Everything on the menu is red and green. To fit the foods that don't match the color scheme, like mashed potatoes or rolls, just mix in food coloring. This has potential to be an excellent Pinterest fail if you have the right attitude about it. :)

8. Host a "Mary's Dinner". This is a simple meal of plain foods (think pita bread and rice) served on a blanket on the floor. The purpose is keeping in mind what Mary may have eaten the night before Christ was born and keeping her and her family in mind.

What about you guys? Any new or favorite traditions you've got in mind? (Also help what do I do about Santa?)

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