My 2018 Theme of the Year

I was originally going to save this for January, but I got some great news in my email inbox this morning. 

These bracelets that I use to help me to stay connected to my yearly theme are now on sale for the cheaps, so I thought I better share that news quick. Protip: Use code BOLD26 to knock regular prices down to $9.99 & free shipping.

This year (2017) I've been wearing the bracelet and keeping in mind the theme of "Be Here Now". 

I explained more behind the story of that theme in this blog post, but the basic premise is that I had a real problem always thinking of the next thing on the to-do list. This problem became really obvious when I was pushing my family around from activity to activity on a Halloween night. I wasn't thinking about enjoying in the moment, but making sure we were right on time by some imaginary timetable. 

After attempts to do better at that, I was still approached by a family member's offhand comment that I was too "busy" to really connect with. (It wasn't offensive in the least, just observational, and she was definitely right.)

This year I've put deliberate work into "being here now". I've tried to let go of the checklist in my head, and instead let spontaneity happen. I've tried to soak in my little people's funny antics at home and just let the gratitude flow when I've been walking in between my college classes that I'm back in school.

This bracelet I've worn throughout the year ties in to having a physical reminder on hand. The metal rubbing at my wrist was some serious ammo to remembering what I wanted out of life this year. I chose to wear it on my particular "off" or grumpy days to refocus my thoughts. To just be.

And wow, does it feel good to let life flow.

The 2018 Theme

For this upcoming year, I have a different theme in mind to pair with my Be Here Now attributes.

This year I'm choosing to be "All In". 

My bracelet is in the mail right now, but it looks just like this middle gold one here.

In my progression of becoming the best kind of me out there, I've realized there's been feelings of distrust or fears that holds me back from fully investing in the good things. 

Frankly, it's sucked to be living in fear like that. :)

To share a semi-personal example, I find fear in fully loving somebody like a friend or neighbor. I generally love to serve, but I'm sometimes afraid that my service might be misunderstood and come back to hurt instead. It's happened before, and the wise part of me knows that I need to buck up, get over it, and keep serving with a smile anyway. But there's still the fear of pain that holds me back from emotionally connecting sometimes. 

Which is honestly stupid, because then nobody is getting the full blessings of service on either side when I'm holding back.

Heartfelt service is just one of the ways I'm trying to change. I want to be ALL IN when...

... getting to know my neighbors.
... my professor assigns a hard project, and choose to soak in the knowledge and experience.
... I sit by new people and try to make friends.
... as a Mama for my kids, to give them a rich childhood in love and warmth.
... Having deep and hard conversations with God.
... there's an opportunity to show love without bounds to Taylor especially. 
... and making general golden investments in people and relationships

No more bewaring potential pain. I'm all in for the gold. 

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