September footprints 2017

It's a sick-at-home on a Sunday kind of day. About twenty minutes ago, I finally had it with whiny kids and sent the kids right back to the naps that they'd had just come from. (Neither of them had slept despite an hour chained to their beds.) I need a nap as well, but there's a distraction at my feet.

So updating-the-family-journal-until-Taylor-gets-home it is. (He stayed home from church the last time the kids were sick so he gets a free pass today.)

This post is recapping September. August was a whole lot of moving cross country and trying to figure out what our life in September would be like.

Here's what we figured out.

I've settled in full time as a student again. September was such a humbling month in my studies. I think I had assumed that with my previous schooling and work experience that I knew quite a bit. As it is, you never know what you don't know. I've been (kindly :) put in my place and realized there is SO much I've been missing out in an education.

For a long time, since my teenage years, I've felt a little bit uncomfortable with school. I knew how to memorize and test well, but when it came to absorbing thought and discussion, well, I didn't know how to do it. Creating my own thesis' and opinions was really difficult, because I didn't know how to learn. During my first go at college I was learning how to learn. It takes training to unwire a brain that's grooved in memorizing in place of understanding! Fortunately, I finally felt that I was starting to think on my own, although I was a far cry from deep discussion. Here, the gates of self thought and discovery have been opened.

Those deep discussions are starting to happen. And I know better than to assume I'll master it all right now. :)

Other noteworthy things of September:

Arrow has an eye for pointing out the little beauties of the earth. Usually I go stomping on these via my way to class.

Our ward had a barbecue. The left corner is photobombed by Arrow yelling "MAMA DON'T FORGET ME!" I've never done that aside from a couple times at Walmart but that was SO last week that it's hardly relevant.

Taylor and I soon realized that a disorganized paper station means utter chaos for the rest of the home management. Seriously. This was my desk for about four difficult weeks. (Still working on a fully functioning system.)

What's a gross foot without a gross TICK?!

With Taylor as the exception, all of us have had run ins with ticks. I won't admit it, but it's probably because he eats healthier than the rest of us. LOOK HOW SMALL IT IS.

This is a crazy small world. This lady and I were friends years ago on a Costa Rican humanitarian trip. I think I was 18 on that trip. I showed up to church my first Sunday here and there she was!

 Love you Talesha!

Discovered the source of the cries from a very displeased Archer. 

 (I think a little girl around here is looking for a doll.)

Arrow and I had a little date picking out nail polishes and painting our toes. It was a hard choice picking only two colors.

She settled on neon pink and electric blue.

This was about an hour before our trip to North Carolina was cancelled. We tried going out to visit the temple there (it's the closest one to us), but a bunch of things stopped us on the road. Archer didn't mind ransacking the cooler though.

Taylor and I took off one early morning for a bike riding date along one of the 60 hundred trails here. SO nice to just be US.


Chaun: Hey there's black mold in our bathroom? Is that deadly?
Landlord: Do you have the dehumidifier turned on?
Chaun: I literally have no idea what that is.
Landlord: Is there a box in your laundry room or bathroom?
Chaun: *sends picture of electrical box*
Landlord: *sighs*

Turns out the dehumidifier is something that sucks out water from the air. Mind blown. In Utah, we have humidifiers to put water back into the air because breathing causes nosebleeds.

This thing is pure magic.

Look at all this water coming out!

Parade from some holiday or another. Notice my gentle fingers forcing Archer to look in the camera.

In the next life, I want to be a bagpipe player for reals.

Baby sleeping positions never cease to amuse.

Finally, my friend's notes from videography class on documentaries. Feel free to educate yourself.

September was a good one. Despite the many ongoing challenges, I can't stop looking around this place full of gratitude. I am so happy to be here.

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