Taylor and I celebrated our four year anniversary at the beginning of this month.

Exactly five years earlier, Taylor and I had been at a friend's house watching the Christmas Devotional broadcast our church puts on every year. He sat on the couch, and I sitting below him on a bean bag, using his knees as an arm rest. That was the start to a good friendship between us, but I never saw us going anywhere.

I would've been totally shocked to see where we are now. :)

But here we are, five years later celebrating four years of marriage.

 Our anniversary fell midweek, right as I prepped for finals, took care of kids, and finished some client work. Taylor, meanwhile, was putting in a long 10 hour shift at work. We were both exhausted when he came through the door at 10 PM. 

Even with all that tiredness, we still brought out our two traditional anniversary books:

That weekend we had a real celebration. My college hosted a lovely winter wonderland date night. We made gingerbread houses, watched Elf, and took a ride on a horse drawn carriage. For reals.
Who knew the backside of a horse could be so thrilling?

I went to town on some couple's abandoned gingerbread house. Taylor worked beside me on a gingerbread catapult. We were fairly proud of our finished accomplishments:

...and then we made the mistake of seeing what everyone else had created.

Seriously though, aren't these amazing?

Nativity scene... look at the wise men.

This was my favorite.

It was such a good night.

Now, in case this post hasn't erred enough on the lovey-cheesiness, here are four things I love about this man. (And it's good timing writing this post... because we were both feeling a little snippy this afternoon... one of our kids is driving us crazy in the all-things-injury-related category. The little homie can't seem to NOT throw himself at sharp corners or in the way of moving cars. Anyway-)

1. He is so, so good with kids. The little people give him renewed life whenever they are around.

2. He's a ridiculously good listener. Most people don't stop to ask him many questions about himself because he's too busy learning about their lives.

3. I love sharing a love of games with each other. (We nearly started an escape room business here in Virginia, but pulled out last minute. Although the business didn't work out, it was still so much fun planning the tricks and play of the games.)

4. I love that he's a personal trainer. It makes me feel a little bit healthier having a husband who's diligent in taking care of his body. Sure, I don't try, but I'm pretty sure even just looking at the bananas he brings home rubs off something good on me.

Happy anniversary, love.

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