It's been a hot minute since I've shared a story.

I tend not to blog when I feel like I don't have a funny enough story to add to the blogosphere, but I've got this nudge the past couple days to keep up the writing anyway. I sound like a 80 year old on this (or maybe just your average mormon mommy blogger) but these days are seriously flying by.

So I think I'll just dive in and see where this post goes.

Tried taking a selfie with one of my kids and they weren't having it. So, please enjoy my face.

Finals week has begun. And, I feel okay about it. All weekend I was stressed out max in preparation for the upcoming stress. I like to stress about the stress that hasn't happened yet. #winner. But last night I got a priesthood blessing for guidance and strength just to do what really needed to be done, and I've felt so much more relaxed and in control with God's guidance.

Speaking of God's guidance, I've been praying a daily "intinerary" to Him for advice on anything to change up or focus on. Some days I'm answered to rearrange an afternoon or something more simple like take 10 minute breaks to read with your kids. These kind of prayers have made all the difference. (I want to write more on some balance strategies. Standby for that post coming.)

I'm shooting two videos this week. It both invigorates and tires me.

One of my finals projects was to write a twist Petrarchian sonnet, and I wrote mine on the final scene of La La Land. My friend wrote his about breaking up with pizza for a diet.

Taylor had a birthday a week ago and tomorrow we celebrate our wedding anniversary. I once thought it was totally ignorant to plan so many holidays close together, but I also love having a reason to party and love a little extra on someone. (Including myself :) ) He works a bajillion hours tomorrow so I won't actually be seeing him until late at night... only to shoot some missing scenes in a grocery store anyway... and since we're there we'll probably pick up Christmas presents... which reminds me I need to fill Arrow in on the "whole Santa problem".

Arrow believes Santa is real.

Archer also had a birthday a while back. His belly is never full. At a couple weeks old, he was chugging 10 oz of milk (usually babies have 2 - 3 oz). At this year's Thanksgiving, he ate his plate, threw up a little, and then went back for more over the next few hours. We adore him and his quirks and potentially unhealthy eating habits :)

Arrow was given the responsibility of "dresser keeping". She has a small dresser in her room and knows where to stash her clothes. With her newfound freedom, she taken complete control of her warddrobe attire, usually donning mismatched shoes, minnie mouse pajama shirt, and fuzzy pants. Part of me is sad to let go of helping her get dressed in the mornings (although I do correct the occasional clothing choices for the day). It's sad to have one more thing that pushes your child away from needing you. It's simultaneously rewarding and fun to see her bold fashion statements, and let that part of her personality grow.

Taylor and I have been working on a parenting strategy. (I LOVE strategy, and am excited to graduate with my bach. so that I can get started on my master's in strategy planning.) Taylor was the one to coin this phrase down. We are raising our children to be Parents - Citizens - Disciples (of Christ). Much, much more to say on that later, but we are pleased how it encapsulates our vision so compactly.

We've been informally interviewing our parenting mentors lately. Sometimes it's a sit down on the couch, other times just in deep conversations over the phone or, heck, over the table at Subway if we meet someone remarkable. We have a vision, but we really don't know much how to get there, so we're putting a lot of research into this.

Each new best business strategy book I read is the next best parenting book I've read. It is incredible how much company organization attempts to model a strong family unit.

I've been reading a lot of business text for my classes lately. Sometimes boring, sometimes stressful (hello, managerial finance!), mostly amazing.

Whenever my professor shows a complicated formula on the board, bells start ringing in my head.

Phew. Times up. I'd given myself only 15 minutes to write, so excuse the quality. It was this or work on revising the Petrarchan sonnet. :) I don't have time to re-read, so I'll end this for now.

Thanks for reading :)

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