You guys? You guys.

One of these days I'm going to figure out a better hook to draw you into reading more of my blog, but I really haven't got the time because I need to FREAK out. 


Moving to the confederate side of things has done something to me. To my stomach. To my heart. To my brain.

I just finished making lunch for my kids when with a swipe of the mayo on the country made potato bread did I realize something was wrong.

It wasn't JUST mayo.

It was chipotle ailoiioioioioioi.
Or however the heck that's spelled.

I don't even know what aioilioiliosaiol is. All I DO know is that I told Taylor I was heading "to town" today like a country person to pick up necessities. On the shelves I saw chipotle sauce that reminded me of spicy mayo. Usually that's a culinary turn off, but today my stomach was like: "chipotle sauce = spicy delicious you should totes buy it". My brain was like: "Mhm, that's a fine idea Honey".


Back when the world made sense, I stood ADAMANTLY against the foolish talk that spicy equated deliciousness. I fought and argued my way through every Thai dish and jalapeƱo eating contest that this was NOT FUN. I stated, and restated, and shoved down people's throats that the enjoyment of spicy flavors was only because most of taste buds had been burned off and the "taste" was the remaining flesh.

Gross, I know. But so were they for eating it.


And it's not even just the chipotle. Let me tell you something else that's been a homewrecker as of late.

I just tried Cajun seasoning about a month ago. 

Can I just say Holy YUMMINESS?!

Do you want to know how yummy it was?

It was so yummy. So yummy, that in lieu of Christmas presents this year, I snail-mailed containers of Cajun seasoning to friends and family. (In case they hated me for it, I did include Amish chocolate coated pretzels.)

I could have sent them butter cookies, or that nasty peppermint bark stuff people like, or I don't know, something they'd actually want. Instead I sent them spicy seasoning. 

Wouldn't you love to be on my Christmas list?

Now, I know chipotle and Cajun are pretty novice spiciness. Or so I assume. Spicy foods is a whole new world to me and I'm not sure what the preliminaries look like. I'm assuming chipotle and Cajun seasoning is novice because we get this stuff at Subway. And Subway isn't really all that wild.

Except that Subway is kind of wild. Last night, Taylor split a foot long Italian BMT with me. He took the half that had sriracha sauce and gave me the chipotle side. When I wasn't paying attention, he super-sneakily-sneaked-sneak-swapped the sandwiches. 

Liar liar my mouth is on FIRE.


The South is taking over my palate, one ashen taste bud at a time. I might care a little more if it didn't taste so good doing it.

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  1. Hey, I found your blog, too! Confession: I kind of love spicy food. It gave me great pleasure to eat the “decoration only” pepper on the food in Jakarta that my new sister in laws family wouldn’t even eat. There is something about making eating a whole body experience (tongue swelling, sweat glands in overdrive, face and neck heating up to that glorious shade of red...) that makes me laugh.


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