December footprints 2017

It's the after-Christmas-before-school-starts-again season. Also known as the season of laziness. Of all the seasons there are to celebrate, this is the best one. My only qualm is that the dishes I've ignored for the past three days still won't do themselves in.

Each month I do a little recap on all the honorable mentions that happened in the past four weeks. (I'd really like to make this a weekly deal... someday.) These are mostly a reason to delete the photos off my phone and to keep track of family doings.

Feel free to browse along. (:

Usually I think haircut updates are unnecessary to include on the internet. But then something drastic happened.

I finally gathered enough courage to chop off my long hair, as depicted here:

into a PIXIE CUT.
I went into the salon...
and came out with this:

HA. One day, someday, I really might do it!
Useless haircut post aside, here are the other great things of December.

Watching the Christmas parade. Blurry, chilly, but good.

Arrow and I practiced indoor lighting photography on an iPhone.

My guys.

I can't figure out how to change this picture. (Not that I really tried but that's neither here nor there.) But Arrow's side of the room looked like this one morning. Let's look at her choice of personal decoration.

I love to get a peek into how she sees the world.

I don't remember why this picture was taken, because it looks so normal to the everyday. But maybe that's why it was captured. Archer, as usual, is wanting attention from his beloved sister. (She's his favorite.) Arrow is ignoring him, preferring a book about babies over an actual one.

Is this moldy orange the color of my counter, or is my counter the color of a moldy orange?

Chaun: Why did you color all over your face?
Arrow: *holding back laughter* I just wanted to look like you Mama!

I nearly scolded him for eating all the potato bread, but then realized that was a pretty good idea. We had a good snack.

After sitting in for a solid 20 minutes of me whining we didn't have any treats in the house, Taylor shut me up with these beauties.

He's a good husband.

How I know when I've been at the computer too long:

 After dragging these porr people around on campus to make deliveries, we had a little cookie date. If you can't tell by the expression in the back, it was finals week.

Speaking of finals... one of my classmates brought a platter of fancy little treats. This is stuff I usually see at weddings, people. Isn't that nice? People like him remind me to be more thoughtful.

We moved right in the middle of December. (Horrid, awful idea, by the way.) Here's one home sunset view...

 to the next:

 I can't get enough of these Virginia skies.

At first, Archer was not a bit pleased with my photographer reaction to his entrapment. The southern sass is begin to rub off.

But then he was delighted with my attention, as he usually is, and didn't mind after all.

And finally, the wrecked state of my desk in our new home. Le sigh.

For some reason I didn't take a single picture on Christmas, dang it, but we did have the loveliest time with friends who invited us over for different meals. One of the best things about travelling is still feeling the influence of Christ, no matter where you are in the world. I love that, and Him.

Have a happy new year!

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