Living With An Eating Disorder

A story of mine was just released from the LDS church. I wanted to share :)

This video is my experience of battling anorexia throughout high school, and a part of how I really came to know God as a father, as a dad, who wasn't going to let me go.

As the comments have come flooding in, I've been amazed at the similarities of different eating disorder stories. The biggest commonality is that an eating disorder tricks you into thinking you're in control, when really you're walking yourself back to the dust. It's awful.

This is the story of when I was losing control, and how God stepped in to teach me He's always in control.

If there's anything else I could say on this video, it'd be to use God as your guide to what resources you need for help, even if you think you don't have a "problem". Therapy, prayers, medications, and / or talking it out is SO critical. 

And above all else, you're in the making of royalty. I've seen it for myself, and I know it's true.

Much love,

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