Hands to Hold

One of my favorite things about having two kids is how different they are.

While that's apparent on many levels, I just noticed it recently when it came time for baths.

Arrow flings herself into running water with admirable speed, shrieks of joy accompanying. She loves baths and showers.

Archer does not share those same feelings whatsoever. In fact, he's rather upset at the matter.

Now, just because he doesn't like baths doesn't means he gets to skip out on being clean. He and I had to work together to find a solution. We discovered that he feels safer when he can hold hands.

Sometimes he feels reassured enough to wander the tub on his own with sister. That's a celebratory move!

Parenting is interesting. Not only does it come to altering approaches to specific children, but also knowing the balance of how gentle or firm to be. Do I stick him in the tub and expect him to get over it? Do I hold his hands through the whole shower? 

Do I push? Hold back? Let it go?

Always a balance in question.

Through it all I love being here to hold little hands for comfort. 

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