Best of 22

Top 22 faves to get you started. Not in any particular order.

A HUGE MISTAKE and other Yahoo answers
Yahoo Answers, wonderfully, is still alive & full of people with great advice.

Haircuts With Honey
Is this a man thing?

Naked & Afraid: The Art of Finding Balance

Taking a shower really shouldn't be this difficult.

Our Little American Saboteur

Some people are just so judgmental when you're cleaning your kid on a nasty bathroom floor.

To the Boy Who Tried to Shame Me

Forgiving crudeness.

To My Sister, Now That You're Sixteen
At 16, you've learned so much, but there's so much more coming.

Thanks Pregnancy: 6 Unusual Things I've Cried Over Lately
Sushi, being one of them.

How Texting Has Improved Our Marriage
Hint: It's not love letters.

So You Think You Don't Feel The Holy Ghost
When you're not feeling bowled over with spiritual awesomeness every Sunday school lesson.

Snapchat Faceswaps are Picasso's Wonderland
The Snapchats are terrifying. And it's so great.

The end-all BYU admission letter.

Why I Chose Maternity Photos After All

How the attitude of happy changes pregnancy.

Toddler Talk I
Brilliant wisdom from a 2 year old.


A forgetful memory is marital struggle.

We're a Family of Sinners

Stealing cookies on the daily.

I Understand Why You're Afraid To Have a Baby

The fear isn't unwarranted, but it can be healed.

The Secret Formula to Getting the Experience of a Lifetime

Real, true, priceless knowledge to making dreams a reality.

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