Behind the Name

The lonely writer behind 22 Footprints:

I'm Chaun Jacobs. I accidentally ended up with two male first names for my entire name, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends! (What?)

Taylor is my husband. He is not my partner in crime. That privilege is reserved for those who break into graveyards, eat above the state limit of sugar intake in a meal, or perform other illegal wrongdoings with me. 

Taylor was raised in Idaho, so, you know.

Although Taylor practically perfect, his critical flaw of being a healthy person means he doesn't approve of eating an entire pan of brownies by oneself. It's a recurring marital struggle.

We have two kids, who are conveniently perfect little cherubs only when they're sleeping. 

I started blogging back in high school under, but soon dropped out for lack of caring. 

Then, in 2014, blogging resumed under the respectively awkward name choice of Hiccups and Pastries. After 2 years of telling everyone that no this is not a cooking blog, 22 Footprints was created.

What happens on 22 Footprints:
  1. Entertaining the masses with creative storytelling
  2. Sharing life hack strategies
  3. Kicking myself for not thinking of a better way to reword "life hack".
  4. And, the occasional giveaway (yay presents!) 
When not blogging, these things are usually happening:
  1. Pretending there's only two more weeks left of winter
  2. On paper I work as a producer but IRL bingeing craft backstage.
  3. Tracking down neighborhood cats and bringing them home
  4. Releasing my feline darlings back to their owners
  5. Hanging with my fatlings (My kids)
Other things that may interest you:

We travel often, because we don't make things like a decent dinner meal a priority.

As a kid, I used to steal hot chocolate powder from the pantry. 

Matt Smith never earned my heart.

By default, you are loved by me. It's the uncomfortable truth.

Enjoy your stay at 22 Footprints

  ~Luv 'n' stuff, Chaun

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